Practice Areas

Issued Patent

Patents and Trade Secrets

Gehrke & Associates, SC  provides a broad spectrum of patent services that include application preparation and prosecution, patentability searches and opinions, freedom to operate services, US and foreign application services, post-issuance reviews, competition monitoring, and infringement opinions. Trade secret services include security and procedure reviews, documentation and agreements.  



Gehrke & Associates, SC  provides trademark services that include international and domestic trademark searches, freedom to use services, domestic and foreign applications, post-registration reviews, competition monitoring, and infringement opinions.  

Licensing and agreements sales non-disclosure confidentiality non-compete contracts

Licensing and Agreements

Gehrke & Associates, SC drafts and reviews licenses and sales of intellectual property and IP-related agreements such as non-disclosure agreements, work for hire agreements, and non-compete agreements. All businesses must deal with intellectual property, we aid your business thrive by helping you navigate IP's opportunities and pitfalls.  


Copyright and Entertainment Law

Our copyright and entertainment law practice focuses on the application of intellectual property law to the entertainment industry (especially trademarks, copyright, and the "right of publicity"). Our copyright and Entertainment Law practice includes both traditional and digital media. 

bioethical healthcare CFR compliance human research subject guidelines R&D patent FDA

Bioethics and Regulatory Affairs

Gehrke & Associates, SC offers legal and bioethical services for healthcare and healthcare related industries by verifying compliance with current CFR research standards and compliance with human research subject guidelines. We do this with our intellectual property expertise allowing us a better understanding of your whole R&D program. With our patent and FDA strategy, you protect your investment and maximize your time on the market. 

IND submissions FDA responses
DOD grant submissions clinical trials
NIH grant

Government Grants

Gehrke & Associates, SC clients have access to our technical advisor, Elizabeth G. Thompson, MS, who has experience in: 

● IND submissions, including responses to FDA reviews. 

● DOD grant submissions for clinical trials, trials to comply with DOD requirements, and responses to DOD grant reviews.  

● NIH grant submissions for clinical trials, trials to comply with NIH requirements, and responses to NIH grant reviews.