Our Professionals


Lisa M. Gehrke, JD, MA


Patent Preparation and Prosecution, IP Licensing, IP Management, Patent and Trademark Opinions, Patent and Trademark Searching, Bioethics, Biomedical Research Policy and Regulatory Affairs

Lisa is the founder and President of Gehrke & Associates, S.C.  Her practice focuses on patent prosecution, patent and trademark opinions, licensing, intellectual property portfolio development and management, bioethics and business counseling.

James B. Gehrke, JD


Trademark Law, Copyright Law, IP Licensing, Patent and Trademark Searching, Trademark Opinions, Entertainment Law, Contracts and Agreements, and Business Law

Jim is an associate with Gehrke & Associates, S.C.  His practice focuses on trademarks and copyrights, licensing, patent and trademark searches, trademark opinions, entertainment related law, business and corporate law, and contract related law.  

Harold D. Gehrke, JD


Business, Zoning and Government Law

Harry is of counsel with Gehrke & Associates, SC.  His practice focuses on municipal law including land use, zoning and development, as well as local government relations.

Elizabeth G. Thompson, MS


Patent Searching, Biomedical Research Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Grant Writing

Elizabeth is a Technical Advisor with Gehrke & Associates, S.C. specializing in regulatory affairs, research protocol review, data safety in clinical research protocols, and grant writing.   She has an extensive background in both statistical and clinical research and is responsible for coordinating clinical protocols.

Pat Thompson, MD, MS


Patent Searching, Bio-medical Research Policy and Regulatory Affairs

Patrick is a Technical Advisor and Consultant with Gehrke & Associates, SC in the areas of chemical and environmental engineering, pharmacology, pharmacokinetic modeling, medical devices and biomedical research policy and review.

Patrick has extensive industry experience having worked as a chemical engineer for eight years before medical school.